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Poem "Grandpa "
cr2m wrote in crmoore1




I took a trip with Mama,

We went to see my Grandpa,

To a place, she called the home,

And he lived there all alone,

Come sit with me, my sweet girl,

Then in his lap, I did curl,

Now darling don’t look so sad,

Truly, not all is so bad,

When you really want to play,

Even on a rain soaked day,

When the clouds hide the sun,

And you want to have some fun,

Just travel to foreign lands,

Ride camels in distant sands,

Travel with the brothers Grimm,

With the Seven Swans you can swim,

There is a Secret Garden,

Mrs. Hodgson will let you in,

Let Jason take you to see,

The Golden Fleece in a tree,

How about a trip to Mars,

Just reach out and touch the stars,

There’s a man named Andersen,

Travel with him, you will grin,

To the Garden of Paradise,

Now, that trip was very nice,

Adventures in Wonderland,

Alice takes you by the hand,

Percy Jackson goes to school,

There he proves he is no fool,,

Fly the skies with Pegasus,

Mama will not even fuss,

There are many places to go,

                                                                      Books are the way to make it so.

I hope this poem will make you smile and you will want to share it with a child! (No poetry intended ) C.R. Moore


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